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Wingman Is the Mile-High Tinder

Japan's Alleged Death Threat-Making, Cat-Hacking Programmer Says He's Innocent

Oregano's Essential Oil Might Stop Norovirus

Touchscreen Romance: How Modern Couples Get Connected

How an Anti-NSA Campaign Took Over the Internet

A Surprisingly Easy Tool for Encrypting Email, Courtesy of an Ex-NSA Employee

A Surprisingly Easy Tool for Encrypting Email, Courtesy of an Ex-NSA Employee

How Dogecoin Occupied Wall Street

Ross Ulbricht, Alleged Silk Road Kingpin, Gets His Court Date and His Data

The Risks of Making Death Fetish Art (Or an Art Film About It): A Chat with Joe Swanberg

This Live-Mapping Mattress Is the Future of Bedsore Prevention

Sorry Kanye, Coinye Is Here to Stay

There Is a Ron Paul Coin, Because Obviously

Barnaby Jack, Hacker of ATMs and Pacemakers, Died From an Overdose The Year In GIFstagrams

Rastaman Rob Ford Dances for Dogecoins in City Hall

Why Transit Riders Give Terrible Directions

Pierre Omidyar's Leaky Struggle to Become a Press Freedom Fighter

When Selfies Kill

When a Victim of Jeremy Hammond Testified

A Dispatch from Jeremy Hammond's Sentencing

Somehow, Watching Porn Online Just Got Even Easier

At Edward Snowden's "I'd Testify Against the NSA" Dinner Party

The NSA Just Compared Its Terrorist-Finding Tactics to Stop-and-Frisk

Is Edward Snowden Going to Germany

Some Scary Ass GIFs

Drugged Rats Playing Slot Machines Offer a New Clue into Problem Gambling

Take an Interactive Walkthrough of the Jamaican Slave Rebellion

Video: Computer Jay Programmed a Robot to Rap

Is Carrot Dating, the Bribe-Based Dating App, Really So Bad?

A Live Map of Ongoing DDoS Attacks

The Weird Keyboard That Transcends Keys

Furloughed Federal Employees Could Fill These Places

Obamacare's Websites Are Still Broken

In Defense of OkCupid's A-List

Trying to Get Obamacare Is Like Trying to Get the New iPhone Right Now

Every Google Doodle in One GIF

NASA's New FINDER Scans for Breathing Bodies in Disaster Rubble

Where Is the Center of Each United State?

I Camped Out in the iPhone 5S Line

New York's Tech Corridor Is Reshaping the Lower East Side

This Is Your Brain on a Financial Bubble

Watch a Millennium of European History at Internet Speed

Science Says We Actually Love the Sound of Our Own Voice

Italy's New Wave Scene Was the Product of Vintage Filesharing

The People Waiting in Line for a New iPhone Don't Know What They're Waiting For, or How Long

UMDB Is the IMDb for Chemicals In Your Urine

The Ten Best Ways Cities Are Combating Climate Change

These Historic Space Snapshots Are Like Instagram In Orbit

OS X Mavericks Is the New Wave, Goodbye Big Cats

Will Robots Replace Rent-a-Cops?

Scientists Are Looking for Aliens from the Dark Side of the Moon

The NY Times, Twitter and HuffPo UK Appear to Have Been Stolen by the Syrian Electronic Army

The Intelligence Community's New Tumblr Really Needs Some GIFs

Free Chelsea Manning

New Zealand Just Passed Its Own Domestic Spying Bill

Remembering Wesley Willis, Ten Years Later

Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond May Be in Prison, But Their Work Continues

Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds

Super Mario Meets Bitcoin in the Augmented Reality of "1 Up Fever"

Today's Coeds Are Having Less Sex Than Gen Xers Did

Cash2BTC's Briefcase-Sized ATM Is Bitcoin Banking Made Portable

Heroin Junkies Create the Most Depressing Instagrams

Def Con, Day One: Can I Use Your Wi-Fi Please?

The NSA Director Asked Hackers for Advice, But Left a Lot Unanswered

Thailand Just Banned Bitcoin

Can Concentric Circles Save Subway Sanity?

Google Royalty Is Kickstarting Bloomberg's Graduation Gift: A New Park

The First 3D-Printed Rifle Broke Apart After Its First Shot

China Just Broke Ground on World's Next Tallest Skyscraper, and It Aims to Finish by February

The Director of National Intelligence Asks Why People Trust Facebook More Than the Government

A Week-Old Cryptocurrency Wants to Capture the Wasted Energy of Bitcoin's Algorithm

Most Gang Members Have a Diagnosable Mental Illness

One Third of Kenyans Now Have a Bitcoin Wallet

How Old Is the Average Country?

The Instagram Video Versus Vine Showdown

Julian Assange Has Been Inside for a Year

My Friend GIF Just Turned 26

Sosolimited's 'Semantic Sabotage' Should Be the Future of Closed Captioning

Love in the Time of Tinder

Here Are Nine Top Secret NSA Memes

The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding the NSA

Trying to Impeach Obama Is a Lot Like Trying to Impeach Bush

On the Verge of Bradley Manning's Trial, Julian Assange Answers Some Questions (Including Mine)

A YouTube Piano Teacher Took Down His Competition With Phony Copyright Claims

Alex Gibney on Hackers and Julian Assange

Explosive Hog-Shit Foam

Geocaching Has Proudly Brought Nerds and Hiking Together for 13 Years Now

A Working Bitcoin ATM Is in San Diego, But Its Most Vocal Backer Is Gone

Happy Birthday, Willie Nelson. Here Are 80 Ganja GIFs

Here Are Some Candidates for the White House's First GIF

The Biggest Star at the Tribeca Film Festival Was a Weird Little Cat

The GIF Isn't Dead, It's Become Part of Us

Is This Incest? There's an App for That

The FAA Will Let Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Fly Again

Game Change: OkCupid and High-End Porn Monger MetArt Now Take Bitcoin

Australia Is Taking Japan to Court to Stop Whaling

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Has Taken Its Battery Certification Flight

If You're Not Careful, Bitcoins Aren't As Anonymous As You Think

Jeff Berwick, the Founder of Bitcoin ATM, Says His Machine Is the Real Deal

In Praise of Animated GIFs Over Boring Headshots

The World's First Bitcoin ATM May End Up in Cash-Strapped Cyprus

Google's Brought Us Closer to Peak GIF

Dodging Bombs to Capture Afghanistan's Media Success Story

Why Does Daylight Saving Time Still Exist?

Bangability: A Klout Score For Bang With Friends

Florida's Sinkhole Problem Is Just One Part of America's Looming Water Woes

GIF Your Own Adventure: Gifmelter

The Gut-Wrenching Story of Shoenice, the YouTube Star Who Will Eat Anything

A Drone Attacking Innocent Americans (Harlem Shake Version)

Is This How We Equalize the United States?

Tinder, a No-Bull Dating App, Is the End-All of Online Dating

Shoenice Is Now Rapping

The Internet Isn't Amused by Berlusconi's Comeback

Anticipating Super Bowl Ads Is Still A Thing

Did Weird Weather Fluctuations Cause a Manhattan Water Main to Burst?

Ken Burns Effect on GIFs: Grizzly Bear's 'Gun-Shy'

North Korea's Prison Camps Are Now on Google Maps

Why Did American Airlines Have to Rebrand Itself?

Did You Remember to Log Out?

I Met Shoenice and Fed Him a Bottle of Glue

The Year 2012 in 50 GIFs

Alleged Canadian Syrup Siphonists Seized

Scud Missiles Really Suck

Does the New Bitcoin Bank Defeat the Purpose of Bitcoin?

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